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Growing Your Forex Trading Account

Growing your trading account from a small account to a large account in the forex market is harrowing task. However, with the proper practices, this process, though slow, can be very fulfilling in the long run. In this article we seek to look at some of the things that you ought to put in mind if you are to grow your trading account in the forex market.

The first rule and one of the most important things to put in mind is that while the goal of the forex market is to make money, it is important that while growing your trading account, you should maintain you focus on trading the market and not making the money. Even as I write it down, I recognize the difficulty in separating the two. However, this should be the starting point of anyone intent on growing their trading accounts. The logic behind this thinking is a little complex. Often, people coming into the forex market are intent on making quick money and achieving financial stability in the shortest time possible. As such, most of them usually attract and implement strategies that often only lead to short term success. In the long run, their growth curves flatten and even dip before they peak appropriately. Therefore, it is important that you develop the skill and master the art of trading small accounts, before you upgrade to the much larger accounts. This is why I started of this discussion by pointing out that to grow your trading account; you need to focus on trading the market instead of making money. Once you have mastered the skill of trading the market, then you can begin making the money in the forex market.
Secondly, you need to look at your small account as if it were a big trading account. Thinking in large sums makes you envision what strategies you would employ if that were actually the case. In essence, you will begin preparing yourself for the larger trading account before the reality sets in. Such thinking allows you to open up and use the macro strategies on your current trading account. When you start piecemeal implementation of the macro strategies, then you gain experience slowly as you grow. You also develop a perfect strategy for yourself through trial and error and along the way, master your skill in trading the market. At times, small account traders lose money simply because they did not envision the larger platform on which they aim to operate at some point.

Consistency - A consistent track record is something that can only work in your favor. Such a record can only be created through the consistent implementation of proper strategies. The primary goal of your small trading account should be to make every trade successful. The larger the number of successful trades you make the better it will be for you in the long run. It is said in the Bible, if you manage smaller things in a good way, then God shall give you much bigger things to handle. The same analogy can be used in the case of forex trading. People who exhibit skill in the management of smaller trades often go on to have larger successful trading accounts that remain successful for a long time.

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