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Price Action Forex Trading

 What is price action forex trading?

Price action trading is the art and skill of making all of your trading decisions off of a stripped 
Down or price chart. This means no lagging indicators outside to help identify dynamic support And resistance areas. All financial markets generate data about the movement of a security Over varying periods of time in the form of price charts

All economic data that leads to price movement within a market is first turned into a belief in the Human mind about how this data will affect the market and this belief is then turned into an Action from a trader which reflects itself via price action on a price chart. In this way price action Trading reflects all variables of any market for any given period of time.Price movement Provides all the signals you will ever need to develop a profitable and high-probability trading System.

Price action forex trading can be used to trade any financial market; however the forex market Has the deepest liquidity and lowest startup costs as well as widest accessibility of any Financial market, for these reasons it is the most popular market today among retail traders.  Price action trading is that you only need to master to be consistently profitable. In fact, having a Simple trading method consisting of minimal setups will work to reduce confusion and stress And allow you to concentrate more on the psychological aspect of trading.

Using numerous lagging forex indicators on your charts confusing you and are one of the main Reasons why you are still unsuccessful.

Look at the two charts below and ask yourself which one seems more logical and less stressful 

Messy vs clean price charts

Messy chart

Clean price Chart

You could learn to trade off a clean price action only,Price action setups are the best predictor Of future price movement, Price action is the best indicator of the aggregate belief of all market Participants. 
Bottom line is that there is just no logical explanation for using lagging indicators. Price action Analysis takes into account all market variables.

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Gosh, to get the double the profit that is awesome and totally worth a low price like 40 dollars. I mean you can even make it better by using a hundred dollars to start!

Price action trading is exactly the type of thing my cousin use to do. He use to have a lot of stress with the job but he was making a great living from it.

This blog post has so much information, its perfect. I am what they call a "Newbie" at making money like this but with this blog post I learnt a lot. I`ll be back.