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Forex Trading Benefits

24 Hour Market

Since the forex market is worldwide, trading is continuous as long as there is a market open some where in the world. Trading starts when the markets open in Australia on Sunday evening, and ends after markets close in New York on Friday.


In forex we can move large amounts of money into and out of foreign currency with minimal price movement.


Leverage is the ability to trade more money on the market than what is actually in the trader's account. If you were to trade at 50:1 leverage, you could trade $50 on the market for every $1 that was in your account. This means you could control a trade of $50,000 using only $1000 of capital.

Profit Potential 

The forex market has no restrictions for directional trading. This means, if you think a currency pair is going to increase in value you can buy it, or go long. Similarly, if you think it could decrease in value you can sell it, or go short.

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Wow! trade every dollar thats in your account for that much profit. Now, that is a deal! I guess your like a broker, and earning money can start coming easy! Very nice!

I agree, work hard play hard is the name of the game. If the capital is high your on the road to success, I always say. I must get the chance to show this to my best friend. She will be so interested in this.